Radio Controlled Drone

Our military specification heavy lift sky jib remotely piloted helicopter transmits live High Definition Movies/Images to base.

With the advantage of near silent operation, lower altitude and easier elevation angles than a full size helicopter.

Maximum altitude 400′. GPS location positional hold. Automatic return to base. Flightpath progress transmitted to live HD monitors on base station. Compliant with CAA rules for UAV.

Sales and Marketing DVD

Promote, inform and sell, that’s what what we facilitate. Digitalfilm have produed a wide range of promotional DVD concepts for clients who require creative and thought provoking marketing materials.

Working closely with our creative team we can deliver the Right Message, enhancing your marketing communications strategy. DVD clearly shows the benefits and attributes of your products or services. We have produced promotional DVDs for a huge variety of clients. See the Portfolio Page for examples

Progress Documentation

Often stakeholders need to visualise the development of a project from conception through to completion.

Creating a visual timeline in which progress can be percieved is a typical project that we have been asked to deliver by construction and scientific clients. Digitalfilm can record the building and development of a project, on site, capturing the progress for any timescale visualising the effects of land development and change in vegetation and visual amenities compared with baseline landscape.

Solicitors and Legal

Scenes of accident reconstruction and ‘Day in The Life’ DVDs to aid advocacy decision for Interim & Final Financial settlement.

Enhancement of CCTV and mobile phone media.

Forensic Examination of Hard Drive and Computer Files.

Non-Disclosure Confidentiallity Clauses signed.

Clinical Drug Research Analysis

For filming clinical trials we have developed laser evaluation systems to trace aerosol plume patterns and dispersal rates recording timed precipitation in liquids.

Ten Year Confidentiality Contracts agreed.

Controlled Explosion

We have filmed controlled explosions of materials using electrical and propellant detonation to reveal stress results at optimum conditions.

Correspondingly, accelerated motion picture slowed digitally effectively demonstrates precise deviation and vibration in plant commission and set up.

DVD & CD duplication

Fast Turnaround on CD, DVD and USB Keyring duplication.

Any format tape to DVD £15 for up to three hours copied to DVD.

Worldwide Video Format Transfer

NTSC, PAL, SECAM transferred to and from any media.

Multi Format Worldwide Regional DVD Production.

Website Integration

Integrated video and streaming into websites is probably the largest expanding area of activity on the internet at the moment.

Examples on the Portrfolio Page

Cinefilm & Archival Transfer

Any film size :  8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm 35mm, to DVD.

Prices 8mm :

  • £25 1st 50′ reel, then £5 each 50′ reel.
  • £35 1st 200′ reel then £20 each 200′ reel.
  • £45 1st 400′ reel then £25 each 400′ reel

For Example :Two 200′ reels and three 50′ reels £35/£20//£5/£5/£5/  = £65 inc VAT. Each reel is a chapter on the DVD so you can choose a reel, or play all. We preview your DVD with you on a 50″ screen and you can pay by credit card.Working for Museums and The Heritage Trust we have edited historical material and rare items for Visitor Centre Information DVD Plasma Displays.

Podcast Production

Digitalfilm provides an integrated Podcast production service encompasing:

  • copy writing
  • actors
  • voice over
  • studio arrangement

Our creative services will deliver a highly effective communication medium. We deliver podcasts for training, promotional and entertainment requirements. Please contact us. for more details.

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