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Digitalfilm offer a full spectrum of production services

Digitalfilm are always investing in advanced technology to provide you with only the very highest quality production standards

Clients we are proud to have worked with. We have worked with many more but contractual agreements prevent disclosure.

Some examples of our video production and helicam work

Digitalfilm has over twenty years of experience working with blue chip clients and government agencies.

Why Digitalfilm?

Digitalfilm Limited – Producing DVD and Blu-ray for Broadcast and Business.

We deliver High Definition Promotional, Documentary, Media Training, and Product Information DVDs.

Our client list includes Broadcast, multi-national companies, government agencies, councils, and charity organisations.

  • We use XDCAM HD and XDCAM EX3 CINE-ALTA High Definition cameras with professional interchangeable lenses.
  • Location Unit includes Range Rovers for total access with a Motor Home for on site hot fresh bacon baps, chips and Espresso. Full kit with Autocue,Radio microphones, wireless HD D O P  monitors, Sound Mixers, LED Lighting, Fig-Rig, Underwater kit. Everything.
  • Nationwide Customer Network with Prestigious Retained Contracts Client Database.
  • Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed and backed by our Client Commitment policy.
  • A flexible and highly competitive service.


R/C Drone

Our military specification heavy lift sky jib remotely piloted helicopter transmits High-Definition  Movies/Images to base. With the advantage of near silent operation, lower altitude and easier elevation angles than a full size helicopter. Maximum permitted altitude 400′ GPS location positional hold. Automatic provision for Return to Base. Flightpath progress transmitted live to HD monitors on base station. Compliant with CAA rules for UAV.

See it in action in our portfolio

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